Privacy Policy

Processing of data

The operations related to the processing of personal data only and exclusively exercised by Podere La Castellina consist of the collection, storage at the venue, organization, processing and utilization of the same in accordance with the provisions of Italian Law 675/1996 and subsequent legislative decrees Decree 196/03.

Nature of the data being processed

The nature of the data used by Podere La Castellina for treatment purposes are of a master -nominativo, address- and other personal identification data such as phone numbers, fax numbers or e-mail and curriculum studies.

Methods of processing data

The methods of treatment of the data is so detailed for each scope. Collection: is performed by Podere La Castellina so lawfully and fairly through communication in writing with the person concerned, through the website in special forms (form) in which data is requested to enable it to contact you, as well as through public records, lists, records and documents available to anyone.

In the case where the user is to contact Podere La Castellina, the same can keep track of the correspondence or communication. This information may include the e-mail address, including country domain, the language you selected to display pages, the browser type, the email address of the sender appears in e-mail messages sent, the address sender written on the envelope or the fax number that appears on the fax machine, or the telephone number from which the call was made.

Processing: an organization of data is done through a computer in a database, made from Podere La Castellina, strictly confidential and not available to any other person except the controller or personnel director.

Communication: data so processed will not be disclosed, transferred or sold to third parties without the express consent of the persons concerned, and at present it is the intention of Podere La Castellina to disclose such information. The processor is the sole director of the company.


The treatment according to article 23 will be admitted only with the consent of the persons concerned except for cases expressed by article 12 letter f), for information relating to the conduct of economic activities also collected for the purposes stated in article 13, paragraph 1, letter e) that is related to commercial information or sending advertising material. In accordance with article 13 the person concerned can exercise their rights at any time they deem appropriate by contacting the controller.